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The Little Bug “WHY” | What Keeps Us Going

As a military spouse and mother of two young children, I understand how tough it can be to face the challenges of separation, especially when it comes to our little ones. That's why I started Little Bug - to bring a bit of joy and comfort to families facing separation. So today, I wanted to share with you my "why" for starting Little Bug and how our lovies can bring some much-needed joy and comfort into the lives of parents and their little ones.

When my husband went on his first military trip as a dad, I felt like my world had crumbled around me. Between my own emotions and those of my children, it was an overwhelming experience. But as I searched for ways to help my kids cope with the separation, I found myself drawn to the idea of creating a lovie that would provide comfort and a sense of connection to my husband. I knew that if my children could feel that connection, it would ease their anxiety and make the separation a little easier.

So I created the first Little Bug lovie - with a special pocket where I could place my husband's shirt. When I gave it to my children, it was like a spark of joy had ignited in their eyes. They held onto their lovies all day, feeling the familiar scent of their dad's shirt and finding comfort in the softness of the lovie.

It was in that moment that I realized just how powerful this little lovie could be for other families going through similar struggles. I started Little Bug, with the goal of sharing this comfort and joy with others.

As parents, we all want our children to feel safe, loved, and comforted, especially in times of separation. That's where Little Bug comes in, our lovies provide that extra layer of comfort and connection that children need during separations, whether it's a deployment or a business trip.

The unique design of our lovies allows for the insertion of a loved one's shirt, making it all the more comforting and special for your little one. The feeling of the familiar scent and touch can make all the difference in the world when your child is missing their loved one.

But Little Bug is not just about providing comfort and joy to children during separation. Our lovies can also bring a smile to your face as a parent. Seeing your child holding their Little Bug lovie, snuggling it, and feeling comforted brings a sense of joy and relief to any parent dealing with separation.

We have received countless positive reviews from parents who have found joy and comfort in our Little Bug lovies. One parent shared that their child's Little Bug lovie brought so much comfort that it became a part of their everyday routine, and another parent wrote that the lovie helped their child feel less anxious and more connected to their deployed parent.

We know that every family's journey through separation is unique, but we hope that Little Bug can be a shining light of comfort and joy for families both during and after separations.

So friends, if you're facing a separation, whether big or small, we at Little Bug are here for you. Our lovies are designed to provide comfort and joy during challenging times. We hope that our product can bring a bit of brightness to your day and ease your child's anxiety during separation.


Rebecca, the mom behind Little Bug 🐞

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