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Comfort From Within

Little Bug is driven to helping families deal with the hard realities of separation. 

Our extra cozy, stuffable, and sustainably shipped stuffed animals are specially designed to soothe your child through those difficult moments.

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How it works:

How it started:

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Little Bug Lovies

For drained dads and exhausted moms:

Meet their new best friend and yours too...

Lovies were created not for fun, but out of necessity.


All humans – especially children – tie memories and emotions to their sense of smell.


In the brain, our smell is the sense that’s tied most closely to the part of the brain that controls memory. Ever smelled a scent and instantly returned to a memory or event? That’s the brain/nose connection at work!


Many parents take advantage of this by dropping a worn shirt into their child’s crib to soothe them, but this presents its own set of hazards and negative sleep associations.



But the Little Bug Lovies fix this!

Simply zip an article of clothing into the pocket of your lovie and your child can enjoy a premium stuffed animal that has the secure, familiar scent of mom or dad.


As a military family, we know what it feels like to have a temporarily distanced member of the family. When nothing else worked, we created the Little Bug Lovie: the perfect way to bring a cuddly sense of peace to a young child and doubles as a fun place to hide their most valuable possessions.

Why Choose Little Bug Lovies?

Little Bug Lovies

Parents love it!
Our lovies have a 5-star average score and lots of happy reviews.

Little Bug Lovies

Easy to Clean.

Machine washable. Use cold cycle only without detergent.

Little Bug Lovies

Kid-strong but stays soft.

We engineered our lovies to last through the ages. It’s the type of friend your child will pull out of an old trunk in a decade or two and remember fondly.

Little Bug Lovies

Dual Purpose!

Your child gets a new toy, calming aid, and best friend! The robust yet kid-safe zipper lets your child stow all sorts of goodies inside their lovie’s tummy for a fun secret hiding place.

Little Bug Lovies

Reclaim your sleep.

When your child wakes in the middle of the night, the number one thing they need is comfort. Our lovies deliver this instantly, helping kids get back to sleep with less fuss and more consistency.

Little Bug Lovies

Only Stuffable Lovie On the Market.

Stuffable lovies bring an added element of fun and comfort to your little ones favorite stuffed animal.


Our lovies are stuffable which allows your little one to fill them with whatever they would like! 


Comfort From Within

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